Career & Ethos

Xinyuan believes that talent is the first element of the company's development.Therefore, Xinyuan respects talents, recruits talents, makes good use of talents,cultivates talents, and shares the results of enterprise development with talents. XinYuan believes that only those talented people with lofty aspirations and good conduct can practice and realize the company's vision! At the same time, Xinyuan also firmly believes that first-class talents create first-class careers, first-rate careers to cultivate first-rate talents, and through the symbiosis and win-win situation between the company and its employees, to create a permanent foundation for the company's infrastructure and achieve its own splendid future.

How we select talents

一、 Professionalism

Professionalism reflects the management level of the company. Xinyuan is an international group company. Professionalization is the company's most basic requirement for employees. Professionalism is an important criterion for the selection of employees in Xinyuan, and it is also an important part of Xinyuan human resources management and corporate culture construction.

二、 Execution

Execution power is the core competitiveness of a company. Xinyuan is a company that integrates diversified businesses. If you want to develop in the fierce market competition, you must build a strong executive team. Executive ability is the core standard of Xinyuan staff selection, and it is also the core content of Xinyuan corporate culture construction and employee evaluation.

三、 Responsibility

Responsibility is the highest level of responsibility for employees. Xinyuan wants to realize the great vision of “comprehensive international technology real estate business operators”. It is inseparable from a group of employees who are loyal to the company and have a sense of responsibility. Seriously doing things can do the right thing, and doing things with heart can get things done. Responsibility is the most direct expression of employees' intentions.

How we evaluate talents

一、 The result of the work

Work results reflect the value created by employees. Without results, there is no value. Xinyuan cares about the work results of employees. The work of all employees must be result-oriented.

二、 Competence

Competency reflects the employee’s potential to create value. Without competence, the value creation of employees is not guaranteed. Xinyuan cares about employees' competence. The core is professional ability, execution ability, team management ability and communication and coordination ability.

三、 Values

Values reflect the psychological state in which employees create value. Without values consistent with the company, the value creation of employees will not continue. Xinyuan pays attention to employees' values. The core is work attitude, professionalism, responsibility and professionalism.

Employee Events