Letter From The Chairman

Since its establishment in Zhengzhou,1997, Xinyuan has embarked on an odyssey for over 20 years. The past 20 year journey has been eventful, because we have successfully weathered numerous challenges by leveraging on our steadfast commitment to "create smart urban homes". Yet the past 20year journey has also been fruitful, because we have not only completed a myriad of quality real estate projects, but group. Now empowered by our legacy and our commitment to the future, we are ready to bound for a new horizon.

The world around us is changing drastically. The big mission of the era is how we keep up with the demand for development, revolutionize the development model, face the upcoming challenges, take initiatives, and ensure the longterm success of our company while contributing to society. It is an urgent question that demands contemplation and solution.

We have come up with a strategic vision of "XIN platform, XIN ecosystem, and XIN empowerment" to order to achieve the above mission. Xinyuan will continue to focus on advancing its core real estate business, and expand its international portfolio. Meanwhile, it will also dedicate to the development and integration of technological transformation of real estate to a new level. In a word, we resolve to obtain a sustainable development that features cutting-edge technology, best talents in the industry, global scope, and integrated business network.

With real estate as its revenue powerhouse, Xinyuan is building up its strong position in this changing world by opening new path, establishing new platform, and creating new network. Upon its completion, this comprehensive business network will encompass property management, commercial real estate, and technology platforms. In this network, every employee will be an active stakeholder in the business, thus making Xinyuan a participatory and sharing organization, in which individuals flourish and blossom. By empowering both the enterprise and the individuals, while fully capitalizing the power of technology and innovation, we will tackle existing problems in real estate industry itself and issues faced by modern communities.

“To become a global leader in smart real estate and technology”is not only our aspiration, but also our motivation. Based on the balance of sustainable growth and transformation driven by technology, as well as a compelling strategy, we will continue to create longterm value for our shareholders and for society as a whole. With a high ideal, Xinyuan will press on in its journey from being good to great.




Founded by Dr. Zhang Yong in Zhengzhou, Henan Province in 1997, Xinyuan Group has successfully evolved from a company that solely focused on real estate development into a huge corporate group that incorporates an array of ancillary businesses. During the past 20 years, Xinyuan has built strong momentum by following the strategy of "robust core business and rapid transformation", and blazed new trails in realms such as real estate development, cityindustry cooperation, business management, and smart technology.

Adhering to the "Quality Real Estate "and" Smart Real Estate " ideal, Xinyuan has ranked among the top 100 Chinese real estate businesses for 13 consecutive years. Up to now, it has completed over 60 projects with a total gross floor area of approximately 20 million square meters, and provided more than 200,000 homeowners with highquality accommodations.

With business establishment in the U.S., the UK and the Asia Pacific, Xinyuan Group has always deemed international real estate a pivotal part of its development. Currently, it has expanded its overseas business to a vast variety of regions, spawning a number of landmark projects in New York, London, Malaysia, etc.

Other than development, Xinyuan Group's real estate portfolio also encompasses real estaterelated service, property management, business management, and technology services. These peripheral businesses are interrelated and interact externally to constantly boost and empower the growth of the real estate business powerhouse.

The technology sector of Xinyuan Group mainly focuses on the development of blockchain technology, blockchainbased real estate financial service platform, and homebased artificial intelligence robotic technology. The three of them are joining force to drive Xinyuan Group toward its next stop of technological transformation.

To embrace the future, Xinyuan has also developed a new corporate culture and established a new partner platform. With the spirit of "Cooperation, Sharing and WinWin", this new cultural and organizational framework is bound to effect positive change in our business landscape, in terms of business channel expansion, development pattern, and capital market operations, etc. To cement the success of our strategic vision of "XIN Platform, XIN Ecosystem, and XIN Empowerment", Xinyuan will continue to focus on advancing its core business of real estate, seizing every opportunity to internationalize, technologically energize its business.



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